Monday, April 18, 2005

Nothing Much To Speak Of...

I slept the afternoon away. My schedule is out of whack and now it's even more so.

Amy will hopefully come home tomorrow...that should right many things.

She's frustrated in the hospital. Poor communication...that's almost always the culprit.
Speaking of rights....I don't know if Michael Jackson is a pedophile or not, I know he's creepy, but this family suing him seems pretty creepy too. I'd have reasonable doubt.

Lucky for Jackson he's being tried in Texas if you look that're doing time.

Of course he probably wouldn't want to stand trial in Arizona either.

Speaking of marching around...there's no Pope yet but plenty of ceremony. I think the most interesting thing about choosing a Pope is seeing how this ancient process holds up to the crush of modern media attention.

Am I alone in fearing the media is going to be all over the new Pope digging for dirt?

It's a new world...are we entering the age of the Pope smear?
Speaking of smears...did you see this?

Anyone think the guy who was hired to paint those yellow lines might have stopped off at the pub first?
Speaking of drunks....this guy has quite a fish story, "I was soooo drunk I defected."

Maybe Michael Jackson isn't so weird after all....