Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mrs. Main & Mr. Communication

Well, Amy apparently thought I was going to come home and take a nap and then call her. I thought I was going to come home and simply wait for her call.

Finally I gave up and called.

She's getting sprung.

Back to hospital I go.

Okay, maybe not so fast. I was in the car racing to the hospital when Amy called and told me to turn around. Apparently the hospital is all jammed up and the paperwork is all jammed up, so Amy's release will be delayed an hour or two....thus insuring we'll be all jammed up on the freeway coming home. In the interim she doesn't want me hanging around the hospital being all grumpy.

She knows me so well it's sickening at times.

Life is grand...

I am overjoyed that my wife is being released and I am grateful to God, to the doctors, and to the morass of medical bureaucracy.

"But God...I really could have lived without yet another lesson in patience don't You think?

I suppose You know me all too well too."