Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Chicken, Cheese and Michelle Pfeiffer

I really should be asleep, but Amy and I got all wound up doing a mad dash cooking binge for our Wednesday night church fellowship. Fellowship is probably a more fanciful word for it than it deserves....basically we eat a lot and talk a lot.

Anyway, Amy was cooking and midway through her barbecue chicken plans she decided we'd be better off cooking at the church instead of at home. We have a massive barbecue grill at place to baptize anyone, but a really big grill.

We eat a lot at our church...we call it fellowship.

We baptize folks at people's homes...and we bring food.

Anyway this really has nothing to with anything except that food was on my mind as I re-read my post of yesterday.

I kept looking at that picture of the grilled cheese Virgin Mary.

I still don't see the Virgin Mary...but truthfully in that particular shot of the Holy Toast I can sort of see an image that looks a heck of a lot like Michelle Pfeiffer with sort of a big ugly hand in front of her face.

I wonder what a Michelle Pfeiffer grilled cheese sandwich would sell for......

Okay, I need sleep.