Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Believe It Or Nap

"Seeing is not believing; believing is seeing! You see things, not as they are, but as you are." - Eric Butterworth

My internal clock is still out of whack, so I'm doing a hard reset and avoiding my normal nap. That makes for a good night's sleep but I suspect it will also result in some semi coherent stream of consciousness ramblings. Of course that any of my ramblings are done in a coherent state may be hard to believe for many folks. I'd prefer not to dwell on that, instead I wanted to talk about license plates, tomb raiders, and faith.

We received new license plates for our car today. Besides our brief walk together exploring new houses down the road, that was the highlight of the day. Some days it's hard to believe the exciting lives we lead.

Actually the license plates look very nice...far nicer than our car which is dented and dirty and has dead electric windows. The car is paid for though, which kicks up its appearance quite a bit from my viewpoint.

I wasn't expecting the license plates. I renewed the car's registration on line and assumed I'd get a new window sticker, but apparently the state believes if you've paid registration fees on the same car for 7 or 8 years you should get something more substantive in return...preferably something shiny.

This is not our license plate by the way...

According to the New York Post that is the plate from an SUV belonging to a guy named Curtis Plunkett who -as you might have already discerned - is a born again Christian. He's also barely alive, having crashed his vehicle head on into a wrong way driver on a freeway a week or so back.

The other driver died and although Plunkett was seriously injured he credits his faith in God for the fact that he's not in Heaven.

It's the New York Post...so you may have a hard time believing the story. I couldn't confirm it elsewhere and I tend to question everything printed in the Post except the nasty stuff they say about the Knicks.

"I can't believe it." - Luke
"That is why you fail." - Yoda

Some stories are easier to believe than others. I would like to believe one story I read this morning wasn't true. It's a story about some kid in Vermont who police say dug up a corpse in a graveyard and stole a dead man's head...so he could make it into a "bong" and smoke pot with it.

In truth I don't even want to think about how someone's head gets so twisted they decide to steal a dead head, but that story is evidently true.

Sometimes you have no choice but to believe I suppose.

That being said I believe I've probably said enough.

I'm sorry if you believed this was going somewhere, you put your faith in me and I let you down.

Believe me I won't do that again...at least not tonight.

"Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it." - Andre Gide