Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Pacing Facts

It was a busy day. We settled the claim on the car...or at least the insurance company is mailing us a check. Not quite as much as I had hoped, but a fair enough settlement for a car that's been beaten like a slow running thief already.

Safeco is certainly a slow paced insurance company...we could have settled this on the day it happened but they insisted on setting up appointments, etc. They're going to pay us about 1300 dollars, which replenishes our emergency fund.

I'll spend about 100 of that fixing the one thing on the car that absolutely has to be repaired, the driver's side mirror.

God works in mysterious ways.

In the interim because of Safeco's foot dragging they've had to provide us with a rental car. So I've been driving a PT Cruiser

I'm sure they're going to call and ask when I'm going to return it and I'll tell them they'll get rental back when I've made the repairs, which now can't be done until Monday because they were so slow in setting up appointments. I should say, "When I get your'll get your car" but that really isn't necessary. The repair I want done won't take long, but they'll have to order the part, wait for it to arrive, etc.

They're paying a lot more because of the pace of their service - that's their choice.

I've learned not to mess with the corporate mind state...especially if I get to drive a new car in the interim.

Anyway...dinner is ready. Amy and I want to spend some actual time together.

We did a little business for another couple of attorneys today and saw Amy's surgeon. Although there are still some issues to be resolved, Amy is doing well and I'm hopeful we can get her lingering health issues fixed too.

In the interim…I'm going to sit back and continue to enjoy the ride.