Monday, March 07, 2005

I'm Full

We had our first meeting tonight with our newly elected Deacons (one of which coincidentally is Erin who shares our home). It was a good experience and although I've loved everyone I've served with in the past, it's nice that we have a wider spectrum of other words some younger folks... on our Deacon board. In a year or so I will rotate off the Deacon board and leave it in others hands and I already feel quite comfortable with that prospect.

We also have some very specific goals and hopes for accountability which is something of a radical departure for our little church that tends to do things on the fly. I think it may very well be a nice turning point for us.

In any case, when Erin and I came home Amy had a wonderful meal already prepared and I am stuffed.

I am ready to spend some time away from the computer....digesting a fine meal and some very fine thoughts.