Tuesday, March 15, 2005

If Memory Serves Me Correctly

This is a surprise post from Amy.

Michael is sick. He's asleep and has been asleep ever since he got home from work. He even came home an hour early which is unusual for him. I can't tell you how many times I've heard him say, "ya gotta learn to play hurt" or "that's why they call it work." So when he comes home early, he's hurtin' bad.

He got up long enough to quasi-mingle with our daughters (argh... we no longer have teenagers... they're all in their 20s. Someone catch me before I faint).

I'm sure he's posted this picture before, but here is our family -- FYI, the wind is blowing my hair straight up... I haven't gone for the "punk" look just yet. Left to right... Lisa (20 today - the Ides of March - oboist and sophomore at Baylor), Tiffany (23, 8th grade math teacher but applying to Harvard for a masters in Educational Policy), Amy (me - happy homemaker, bread baker, and computer maker), Joey (almost 22 and soon-to-be-graduate of Columbus College of Art & Design - Bachelor of Arts - Illustration), and in the back, Michael -- the love of my life, my rock, the one who completes me.

Michael will be up in just a little over an hour. I'm installing new memory in his machine. Another 512 MB of RAM. I'm hoping it speeds things up for him a bit. I feel a little guilty with my new hot-rod computer. But the client who wrecked our car also financed our daughter's birthday (a shopping spree), her airfare to Ohio where she will spend the summer, the memory for Michael's computer, and a few triple venti nonfat three Equal extra-hot lattes. This wasn't from the accident... I did actual computer work. I earned it.

But Michael has earned this and so much more. Everyone pray that nothing blows up. Yes, I do this for a living. But for some reason, when I work on the computers of family, friends, and other loved ones, something usually goes wrong.

Anyway, Happy Whatever. Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day, Good Friday, Maundy Thursday, Passover, Easter, Flag Day, Columbus Day... Whatever Day.

I love you, Michael.