Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dog Gone Him

The problem with having three dogs....let me rephrase of the problems with having three dogs is that I often feel I haven't given them enough individual attention. Klondike gets more than the other dogs because he has the run of the house. I remember when we used to consider him needy now that I think about it. Now all he needs is a place to plop down and sleep, which he does quite often.

The little dogs, our two West Highland terrorists Terriers are brother and sister. Usually when they are let out or in, or when they're fed or watered it's done together. I rarely sit down and simply pet one without the other or give them individual attention.

I thought about this afternoon and when I let them out of their kennels purposely grabbed each one individually. I rubbed their bellies scratched behind their ears, pet them all over, etc....and then I noticed something: they didn't know how to react.

Avery, the queen bee of the house ran off...not too far but far enough to assert her independence. Winston, our special needs dog, would roll over, rush away for a second then come running back wanting to be petted, craving attention, but then he too would run away...only not as far. In a little while he'd coming running back, wagging his tail, bark at me and then run away.

I thought how often it is that I act the same way with God.
In truth God is reaching out, grabbing me, holding me, constantly seeking a relationship, and quite often I revel in His glory...but often I ignore Him, sometimes I even run away.

Why do I run away?

They're only dogs. It's simply a question that sprung to mind, but really...why would I ever run away?