Friday, March 04, 2005

Did I Mention Amy Was Insane?

The title of this post is rhetorical.

It's 2:20 in the morning and I am sitting here late for work with a warm home made latte, a cold diet pepsi and a pair of SpongeBob Squarepants boxer shorts.

And tears in my eyes.

These three things are symbols of sorts. Symbols that my wife loves me. She made the latte, knows that I also like something cold to drink in the morning and the boxer shorts are fun.

Something warm, something refreshing, something fun.

The tears are something I brought to the party.

Appropriate gifts to remind me that 11 years ago today Amy was crazy enough to hold my hands, stand before what now appears to be a somewhat anorexic Minister* and agree to be my bride.

I couldn't believe it then, and I stand as amazed today.

Time flies when your loving every moment of it.

Happy Anniversary Darling.



*No, that's not Gordon before hair plugs.