Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Charles, Chuck And A World Gone Crackers

I realized after I started writing this that for the second time in a week I'm writing about guys named Charles and Chuck...I should probably run this by my new found name fanatic friend, but there's no telling what rabbit trail I'd end up going down then.

My blog buddy Chuck is vowing (ahem again) to start walking and I'm trying to offer him some encouragement without sounding like too much of a hypocrite since I haven't been near as diligent about walking in the past few weeks as I have for the past year or so.

Part of it is simple laziness, but it's also been grey and drizzly almost every day for the past three weeks here...which of course doesn't really prevent me from walking but it does make being lazy easier.

We had some big time hail yesterday (which by the way decapitated the tulips Amy and I planted at the church), something I didn't relish informing her about but that's really only another distraction from the point, which is that I should be walking instead of writing.

Today has been beautiful, at least in comparison to the past few weeks so I've vowed to get out and put a few miles on the keister. There were some things on my mind - please spare me the quick retorts about finding it hard to differentiate my mind from my keister...I beat you to it - collective clutter that I wanted to unburden myself of here before I stretched my legs.

One of the things on my mind was this:

Please no jokes about "isn't that two things?" I beat you to that one too.

Actually that's a picture of a woman arrested in New Zealand "protesting" Prince Charles while he was visiting. Apparently she was upset that a breast screening van had been removed from an area for the duration of the Prince's brief stay, temporarily denying her a breast screening or the opportunity to breast feed her baby - I'm not quite sure which. The newspaper article is confusing and for some reason my mind keeps wandering when I read it.

In any case, I am certain that she obviously considers this is a serious matter; however I must admit I have never quite understood this idea of getting naked in public to make a political statement. I don't oppose it mind you, although there are any number of mental images of naked protesters I am trying to blot out of my psyche even as I type (Chuck please keep your political thoughts to the written word, at least until you get a few hundred miles on your pedometer), yet I still wonder how you get to that level of decision making.

"Hmmm... Prince Charles is here...no sense writing a letter or holding up a sign...I think I'll scrawl something across my naked chest, surely that will cause him to alter his world view."

Then again Charles is marrying Camilla Parker Bowles...

Perhaps a flash of flesh could cause him to rethink his priorities.

The body certainly has played a large role in much greater decisions.

Which brings me to the second distraction from walking story I've been somewhat intrigued by today. It's out of Copenhagen. In this neck of the woods you mention Copenhagen and the first image that comes to mind is men spitting.

At least you hope it's men. People in these parts still use chewing tobacco, a decision I find even harder to fathom than dropping your drawers before Prince Charles, but I digress.

The Copenhagen I'm talking about is in Denmark where this story first came to light. Bakers are competing to find "tastier" communion wafers. Now our church uses bread for communion rather than wafers so perhaps I'm simply not exposed to this issue enough either, but I have had wafers before. I will admit sometimes they do have all the flavor of a postage stamp, but is this really necessary? I mean they're tiny little wafers. They're in your mouth for all of a few seconds. Certainly their meaning should feed you much longer, but I don't think even Chuck in his carb craving worst would make a meal of them - sorry Chuck it was simply too easy to pass up and I really do need to find a way out of this and go walking - shouldn't you be walking by now too?

I don't know. I suppose it's another one of those things of which I obviously am missing the point.

It's also putting images in my mind that have no place at the communion table...then again that might convince Chuck to walk to church on occasion.

Sorry, I'll stop now. I promise.

Did I mention Chuck has a book you can buy?

One good plug can cover a multitude of sins...I hope.