Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Our car is turning into the biggest money maker we own. Amy and I were back working all day fixing computers at a lawyer's office. We finally made a break through enough where Amy suggested I go out to the car and take a nap.

I had just dozed off in the driveway of the law firm when the head lawyer backed out talking on his cell phone and rammed my car with his giant truck.

It wasn't the most pleasant way to wake up...but my adrenaline was certainly going.

Some months ago something similar happened, it was on the other side of my car and a little more bizarre. I took the cash from that driver, but never made the repairs. This time at least a mirror will have to be replaced, but once again I'm going to live with a dented car. Now both sides match, and we'll have money to put back in the bank. This time was worse than before and the previous accident caused about a thousand dollars in damage...it paid for our summer vacation last year.

The lawyer was very nice about it, quickly offering to get his insurance company to handle it. I'll get him some estimates, and I'm sure we'll work it out.

Can God rain money on us this way?

I suppose so.

This week I squeezed 1300 dollars out of our emergency fund to pay off medical debt collectors/potential members of the Sopranos. The very next day a fairly wealthy lawyer backs into my parked car causing what I would estimate is going to be at least $1300 in damage, if not substantially more.

Less than a year ago I'm driving Amy home from the hospital when a very wealthy guy clips my car. He writes me a check which made it possible for us to go on our annual family vacation two months later, something which at the time I was very worried I was going to have to say would not be possible.

No one hurt in either case. We get money for a car I am planning on driving into the ground anyway.

Sure, it's going to be the ugliest car around soon, but every time I look at it I see another of God's many blessings.