Sunday, February 27, 2005

You Can't Have It All

I want it all.

Let's be clear on that. I want the perfect wife. I want oodles of money. Lots of time to travel. I want an ultra clean house. Kids who never have problems. I want zero health concerns for everyone I know and love. I want a job that's easy, good paying and which doesn't really require me to be there but is satisfying when I am. I want a really nice car, leather seats...clean and shiny. I want a garage that's completely uncluttered so that I can park my fancy car inside. I want that garage to be part of a perfect house located in perfect neighborhood in the perfect state. The list goes on an on.

I want it all.

I can't have it.

Odds are you can't either.

Sometimes I am tempted to pray for it all. Certainly I have prayed for little bits of "it all" - health, job security, our kids. I long ago gave up praying for an uncluttered garage.

I see nothing wrong with wanting those things, even praying for some of them. Desire sparks deeds and you certainly won't get it all if you don't try.

It's when that trying becomes trying that you have to stop.

You can't have it all.

In fact you'll likely have to give up some of the things on your list in order to get others. You may have to work at a less than perfect job in order to have a nice car. Or maybe you will drive a less than perfect car so you can pay for health insurance. Or maybe you'll settle for a smaller house so that you can have more time with your children.

So maybe you narrow down your list...a bunch. Really narrow it down to what you really, really want.

I want a healthy family, in mind, body and spirit. I want time to enjoy them.

Who said you can't have it all?