Thursday, February 17, 2005

To Priscilla and Bernie

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I am really bad at writing thank you notes. I should do it more. Please accept my apologies.

I don't know what the spark was that brought you two together. I do know yours has been a lasting love affair of which I am the beneficiary...because it produced a wonderful by wife....43 years ago today.

I can not express enough my appreciation for the way you raised her, cherished her, taught her to love God and to reflect that love to others.

Most of all I have to thank you for teaching her to accept the truly flawed, otherwise there's no way she would have ended up with the likes of me.

Today that little girl is all grown up with children who are all grown up.

I have been blessed to spend good times and hard times with her and make no mistake I would not trade one moment of any second of that time for anything.

I make no attempt to conceal the joy of knowing that I have won this lottery of love. I will spend all of my days with this woman, this beautiful mysterious forgiving creature of wonder you named Amy.

Some say the name Amy means "much loved," I couldn't agree more.

I will celebrate with your daughter today. I doubt there will be cake or party hats. I know there will be mixture of quiet time and laughter.

It's our favorite combination.

I wish you could be here so I could thank you personally for your love...for it gave birth to mine.

Alas this meager note in cyberspace will have to suffice.

Thank you Priscilla and Bernie.

Happy Birthday Amy.

I love you.