Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Old, The New, And Being In Between

My friend Charles lost his wife a few months ago, and he also lost the person who really handled the family computer.

Amy and I have been trying to get him to let us help him but he's an independent man, having been dependent on only one person - Barbara - for many many years. Last night he agreed that Amy and I could come to "visit" and perhaps do a little computer work, but primarily he wants to talk and that's a wonderful thing.

I mentioned I'd like to set his email so that it doesn't say it was sent from Barbara and he hesitated a bit. I can speak plainly about Barbara's death with Charles but I could tell this was something that simply hadn't slipped his mind so I said, "how about I change it to Charles & Barbara...instead of only Barbara." He smiled and said that sounded like a good idea.

In this new season of life, there are a lot of things of which Charles is learning he must let go and some new things to learn.

However I think this afternoon I may learn that there are little things that perhaps we can all hold on to and there really is no harm.