Sunday, February 06, 2005

Making Room

I am supposed to be in the shower...I have no time to write. Superbowl Sunday may prevent further insights from me if I want to make room for a pre-game nap.

But I'm thinking about Lent. Amy and I are not going to "give up" anything. We're going to give each other instead. Give each other more of our time and give more of that time together to God.

We're still working out the exact details, but if the intent of Lent is to abstain from things or remove things from your life so that you can make more room for God, I think we're on the right track.

I know this much...we're going to set aside one hour a day...every day. No TV, no distractions, we'll turn off the phones and spend the time with each other and God. What form that will take...we're not certain.

However I think we're both sure it will be a good thing.

Showering before church is a good thing too...and I better get a get to it.