Monday, February 28, 2005

Going Going Gordy

Time is running out for Gordy. To the surprise of absolutely no one, there has not been a single bidder on this not prized...what's the word I'm thinking of...worthless...yeah, that's pretty much it...this worthless little doll made out of a gourd.

I've already changed the description several times to attract more traffic, but so far folks have been able to find Gordy resistible.

So it's time to pull out my hole equivalent of having Jerry Lewis cry in the final hours of the telethon.

I've decided that should Gordy sell, I'll donate every dollar* (with the exception of postage costs) to our little church project to send some of our young people to Moldova to work with orphans. They are trying to raise a bunch of money and have been holding various fundraisers from our Valentine's dance, to Amy baking bread and selling it at church.

I'm not going to revise the Ebay listing so this is a blogger's only thing. I would assume this would also make your purchase tax deductible, but I'm no accountant. That's the upside. The downside is you still end up with Gordy.

This is my last ditch appeal...well actually I have one more possibility in mind for the final hours, but that wouldn't be pretty...don't make me resort to that.

*Now if Bill Gates, or some other rich guy pays thousands of dollars for Gordy, I will add the caveat that I will likely skim a few shekels off the top to take Amy out to dinner....or run away to Belize.