Friday, February 25, 2005

Eye Teeth Why Not Ear Teeth?

It's a semi-constant worry of mine, that I am losing touch with the general population. It's sort of my job to listen to the grass grow, to know what people are talking about, to have a feel for issues, trends, pop culture type stuff so that we can sound like we're actually members of society instead of impartial observers of society. My boss picks my brain every day asking the same questions: "What are people talking about? What have your friends been involved in lately? What's the hottest TV show or movie? Should we do a story on it?" That type of thing.

It's those pop culture stories that separate us from our truth anybody can cover politicians, fires, murders and people named Wayne. So I try to keep up. I admit I've failed in some for example. I think most folks sort of get stuck in the musical era of their high school years, and very few people stay current with all the new artists. I rely on our younger reporters to let me know if an especially important musician is coming to town, much like they rely on me to alert them when someone notable from another era dies.

I'm not going to dwell on that last statement because it will make me depressed.

Anyway, this is an unbelievably long way to get to my point.

Which is that I don't understand this.

When I think of a toothbrush...I think of ...well...a toothbrush.

You know...something like this:

Why on earth would you want a toothbrush that played music?

Okay, so the idea is it's supposed to encourage kids to brush their teeth longer…but does anyone think that's what it will actually do? I mean think this through for, oh I don't know….five seconds.

Right now this musical toothbrush plays one song. One song...every day. If you are Martha Stewart or some other perfect person and brush after every meal...that's three times a day....every day...365 days a year.

Hearing the same song nearly 1100 times in a year is supposed to encourage you to brush your teeth?

I must be out of touch…but to me that doesn't sound like fun…that has the distinct ring of torture.