Monday, February 21, 2005

Everyone Else Is..Why Shouldn't I?

Since there seems to be this thriving business still in its infancy on Ebay of people selling their body parts for advertising or objects which they believe depict images of Jesus or the Virgin Mary, I've decided I should get in on the ground floor. Gordy.

I have put Gordy up for sale on Ebay as a doll with ultra special qualities - primarily that he is guaranteed NOT to allow any of his body parts to be tattooed, painted, etc., for the purpose of advertising...PLUS it's guaranteed that you can look at Gordy any which way and you WILL NOT see a vision of Jesus!

You can read more about Gordy here.

Feel free to pass the word about Gordy all around the blogosphere. You will be doing mankind a favor.

Well, maybe not mankind, but you'd help get this ugly little doll out of my house and I might actually make a few dollars off of him and isn't that really what makes the world go round?