Monday, January 24, 2005


If I don't come down with a disease of foreign origin it will not be for the lack of trying by my boss. He went to France for a couple of days (don't get me started) and came back coughing...that turned into it's this sort of constant gagging honking harmony.

I try to tune out much of the world when I'm at work and have grown accustomed to having people screaming, carrying on conversations, and operating fax machines right behind me as I try to record newscasts but the non stop typhoid symphony is hard to ignore. I want to shield myself with an umbrella and a can of Lysol.

I have no idea what people hearing these newscasts think...maybe that they are being subjected to a not so subliminal message about the dangers of smoking.

I've worked when I've been sick out of necessity before...but we could have made it without my boss today and most of last week. I told him as much. I suggested he go to a doctor to which the response was, "It's only a cold...a doctor can't do anything for a cold."

I never noticed his medical degree before...

I suppose that will come in handy least he'll understand what I'm talking about when I call in sick.