Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sunday Smells

My house if filled with a wonderful aroma this morning...this is worth noting since much of the time the general "eau de Main home" might best be described as "dog funk."

This morning there is no funk...simply the splendid smell of bread. Fresh bread. Warm freshly baked bread.

I mentioned before than Amy is baking bread to raise funds for some of our church members to work with orphans in Moldova. So she was baking away throughout the afternoon and well after I fell asleep last night. There are loaves of bread everywhere.

This is also our week to bring the all important donuts to church. Although not a biblical requirement for church service, among Baptists at least, donuts or some equivilent foods are considered necessary unspoken pre sermon sustenance.

Amy decided instead of donuts she'd bake muffins...several different varieties.

"God, if you're going to take me any time soon...this would be a good time because I feel like I've already got a foot in the door of Heaven, or at least a good portion of my not insignificant nose."

This is also Communion Sunday, so in the middle of all the loaves of wheat bread, oatmeal bread, and muffins of multiple varieties, sit several other loaves of bread. These are very simple but they stand out because Amy baked them with a small cross etched atop each one

I am barely awake yet I have already been blessed and fed in so many ways.

I know also there are many more blessings to come.

I love Sundays...