Friday, January 07, 2005

No Writing Friday- Schwab Blog Plug

I don't have time to write today...maybe late tonight, we'll see.

I thought I'd simply put in a plug for The Schwab Blog.

This is an open source blog experiment started a while back for anyone who wants to blog but doesn't have a place or the time or the commitment quite yet for a blog all their own. It's also been used by bloggers who want to write something perhaps that is out of character for their own blog.

In other words it's open to everyone...not only to read, but to write.

It's all spelled out on the blog, but the username is - schwabwriter and the password is - freedom.

The only real rule is - keep it clean...but I might nice. If you want to be mean there are lots of places you can go. If that's your attitude you've probably already gotten the usual suggestions :)

I don't have time to write write something in my stead okay?

Oh go ahead.