Friday, January 21, 2005

No Time For Ardents

I'm only now getting home after going to work at 2 a.m. and helping Amy deal with a computer emergency at one of her few remaining clients all day. I see yesterday's post drew a lot of response and that's wonderful. I enjoyed reading everyone's opinions and I'm thankful that folks felt comfortable enough to share them.

I actually thought what I wrote was relatively innocuous, but of course when I wrote it I didn't know Gordon was going to make a passing mention my blog today. One reference from Gordon easily doubles the number of bloggers who stop by here on any given day...even when he only writes about Amy's cooking.

I don't think I've ever written anything truly controversial here, except maybe in the very early days of the blog when I fancied myself some type of pundit. I got over that.

The discipline of writing every day allows me a wonderful luxury much the same as I have working in radio...what I say one day goes out into the ether and I don't really concern myself with it too long afterwards. Yesterday was yesterday.

Today my mind is on another topic. My completely inaccurate "hit counter" is likely going to reach a new milestone today or tomorrow: 50,000 visitors - a little ahead of schedule due to Gordon's mention no doubt.

That's kind of cool.

However right now the most dominant thought on my mind is that I want to spend the rest of this day relaxing with Amy.

That's kind of cool too.

And certainly a subject worthy of my passion.