Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Left Right Left

I seem to have come to a bump in the road this week in terms of writing. I sit down and start to dash something out and then don't like it, try to refine it, and often abandon it. I've been distracted and it's been difficult to refocus.

Amy told me last night, "You can't force it" and she's right, which is often the case - a quality which I adore about her....really.

So I'm not going to force it. Today I don't really have any profound thoughts. The weather is fabulous - 80 degrees and sunshine. I gave Erin a tour of the neighborhood so she won't get lost while walking or jogging. I mentioned that the key is to "always go left." With the exception of one right turn from our street, if you take every left turn onto streets that aren't dead ends, you can navigate our neighborhood fairly easily.

Amy is now cooking dinner the aroma of which is providing another distraction.

I think I'll go sit near the kitchen and watch her.

That'll teach her to be right.