Tuesday, January 25, 2005

If I Were Psychic I'd Be In Vegas...

The sluggishness set in yesterday afternoon, the runny nose and headache this morning...the coughing about 2 hours ago.

My doctor's appointment is 45 minutes away.
My boss - who still insists there's nothing a doctor can do -is toughing it out. We'll see who wins.

Everyone gripes about the cost of health insurance...not me. I think of it like going to Las Vegas. Amy goes into the hospital... we pay (or at least are supposed to pay... one day I'll get around to those bills) 5 percent or less...our insurance pays a gazillion dollars. If I could do that well at the horse track I'd be there every day.

I'll roll the dice on the doc today and hopefully stop the spread of the boss plague...in the meantime...wash your hands.