Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Getting Traction

Our house exploded today and I am typing amid the debris.

Right before Erin moved in I cleared out Joey's old room for her and Amy and I (cough... Amy) decided this would provide us with a good opportunity to rearrange one or two other rooms (cough...every room in the house) as well.

Some folks donated furniture for Erin and other folks donated furniture to convert what was Amy's office (cough...war zone) into another bedroom. I don't want to get too specific in this post 9-11 world, but that's basically all the ingredients you need to make a bomb.

Our house exploded as we (cough...Amy) decided that all we ( needed to do was move at least two pieces of furniture from every bedroom into another bedroom and then do a complete makeover of our bedroom.

I was so excited at this prospect, I let the momentum build...for ten years or so and was perfectly willing to let the anticipation grow for another decade or two but we (cough...Amy) decided today was the day.

We (cough...Amy) took a slightly different tact than those trite TV makeover shows. We converted our bedroom from a chaotic mess to a style I like to call post modern nuclear holocaust.

Amy assures me that it's going to look really nice....eventually.

I'm looking forward to seeing it...although after carrying furniture up and down stairs all day I suspect my vantage point is going to be limited for a while.

Plus I seem to have developed a nasty cough.