Monday, January 31, 2005

Adding To The Fray

It's been one of those non-stop days. I got home from work knowing this was pay day which meant strike while the iron is hot and the checks aren't in terms of restocking our necessities. Amy and I spent the entire afternoon running hither and yon spending more than we should have but still being frugal, if that makes sense.

In between we dropped off an unused skateboard to a woman whose son's was broken by other kids, and arranged to pick up a box spring for what will likely be Erin's future bed (whoever turned me on to thank you) and we picked up two of the "three sisters" for our beloved Pastor and his wife, dragging the youngest, Lillian, along with us for part of the excursion.

We confused her a bit...well, a bit more than we usually do, by periodically breaking into choruses of "Mares Eat Oats & Does Eat Oats"...we were buying oat and wheat and other stuff in mass quantities now that Amy's bread baking mission has escalated into a near full time passion. I'm not sure Lillian ever really understood what we were doing, but she's a good sport and has had more than her share of practice with adults who don't always make sense.

In truth after all the driving, shopping, and lack of napping, topped off by dutifully recording all the spending for our records I'm frazzled and I'm not certain anything makes sense.

I do know Amy and I spent the day with each other, doing normal couple stuff.

To me, that's money and time well spent.

Plus if I stop writing this nonsense I'll still have a little extra time to bank on with her before I collapse.

This adds up to a fairly obvious conclusion.

See ya!