Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Oh Dread Oh Dread A Man At Yule

Amy is feeling puny. We're not sure if it's dehydration or the general malaise brought about by the reality that the holidays are actually here. In any case, she's got a slight fever. Her doctor is making noises about IV's again, we're praying against another "direct admit" and I have decided to make a preemptive strike of pessimism and embark into the frightening world I commonly refer to as....um heck.

Yes, I've decided to go Christmas shopping to make certain we have some gifts for the kids come Christmas day in case Amy doesn't start to rally.

Mercifully there is not much to buy and I ordered a few things on line already.

I have steeled myself for this task, at least some of it - one of the girls wants some make up which I fear is going to require me to master the "man in the mall serpentine attack approach" to avoid women with little misting spray bottles of smelly stuff lingering near the cosmetics counter.

I can fire back if it comes to that...I had bean soup for lunch.

Of course, if push comes to shove I can always fall back on that which I know best...excuses...and cash.

The kids will recover and I won't have to remember where I put the receipts because no exchanges will be necessary.

Hi Ho Hi Ho...It's off to um....heck....I go.