Monday, November 22, 2004

What's My Line?

Okay, perhaps I judged "on call" doc too soon. Another blood test today showed a definite infection in Amy's line -confirmed by her regular doctor who's back on the case and on duty throughout the holiday weekend. That in itself is a good thing, but the diagnosis is wonderful news. On top of that the other tests she endured today did not show any evidence of the surgical complications we were far more worried about finding...complications that would have definitely required additional surgery and a prolonged hospital stay.

As it stands now, they'll yank that infected central line out tomorrow (Tuesday) and put in a temporary replacement. She'll be saturated with antibiotics for a couple of weeks and then will likely have another permanent line put in. The topper is she should be home sometime Wednesday and if the hospital actually does things according to schedule she could be home tomorrow!

Her mood is much chances of sleep are much improved and I have a feeling the taste of that early Thanksgiving turkey dinner on Wednesday is going to be much improved as well.

It is so easy this year to acknowledge that for which we are thankful.

Your prayers.