Friday, November 26, 2004

Untrustworthy Part Deux

Well, what a happy little surprise this turned out to be.

A month or so ago I attempted to solicit my numerous readers...okay all six of "Google bomb" Yahoo bill pay, by linking them to the word "untrustworthy."
Quite frankly, I thought the experiment had failed because if you type in untrustworthy in Google, Yahoo bill pay doesn't come up, at least not in the top few pages. I didn't search too deep but evidently there are a lot of things, people, institutions that merit that adjective. It was a Google bomb dud.

Anyway, this morning I was reading that Microsoft is beta testing its own search engine to compete with Yahoo and Google.
On a whim I typed in "untrustworthy"....and guess what comes up as number one? Well, you don't have to guess...simply click here.

How fun!

An MSN search bomb!

It has to be one of the first.

Take a bow....I couldn't have done something so silly yet somehow satisfying without your help. Okay, some might say "help" is the wrong word...they might opt for a phrase like "aiding and abetting"; such is the nature of semantics.

In any case, it worked.

At least for now...I'm certain someone more untrustworthy will come along....eventually.

In that you can put your trust.