Friday, November 05, 2004

Home Sweet Home

Amy is home.

Hurting but home.

I only have a moment before I head out to pick up her Mom at the airport.

One interesting story to share. Amy was due to be released "first thing" this morning from the hospital. I bailed out of work about an hour early and was at the hospital at nine. I parked in one of the closer spots, one where I have parked many times.

It turned out Amy didn't get released until mid afternoon (paperwork), so I loaded up a bunch of her stuff and took it home and picked up some of her prescriptions. As I was leaving the hospital I noticed I had received a "warning" ticket for parking illegally.

I was a little confused, not an uncommon occurrence. I searched again and there were no handicapped signs, no doctors only signs, no signs at all putting restrictions on the place I parked. Then I noticed that the hospital parking lot police officer who gave me the warning ticket had scrawled a message, "employees must park in parking garage 1."

I called the number on the "ticket" and they asked "were you dressed in scrubs?" Really. I told them I wasn't dressed like anyone I'd want working at a hospital...I was in jeans and a sweater. The woman laughed and said, "I guess they just thought you looked familiar."

Yeah...that's probably it. I hope they come to forget forget us both actually.