Sunday, November 07, 2004

Catching Time

So many things have passed by so fast lately.

For the moment at least, I feel like I'm getting caught up. I took a nap this afternoon (thank you Dallas Cowboys, you made that decision easier) - now maybe I can get back on a quasi-regular schedule.
It helps a lot having Amy home and having her Mom here knowing I can slip off to slumber for an hour or two and not leave Amy without help.

I managed to catch up on my blog reading, and now I have a little time to write.

Some folks have evidently decided to leave the church, they sort of drifted away. It's painful but not really unexpected and since no one asked for my advice in the process I'm fairly comfortable letting people make their own decisions. I pray God will lead them to a healthy place....and I'm not necessarily speaking of a church.

Another friend is leaving the church in a much more painful way. She is dying. That's been especially tough for Amy because she hasn't been able to be with her. Yet I celebrate her life and hope I can serve some role in holding up her husband when the seemingly inevitable time arrives. We have shared much in recent months through phone calls and emails...basically feelings of helplessness.

As I was leaving church today, a young woman rushed up to me and asked if I would consider being something of a "spiritual partner" in the months ahead. It's a program she and another church member are developing to help people in the church establish one on one relationships. I don't think I'd really call it mentoring; it's more of an agreement of mutual sharing and maybe a little spiritual accountability. I agreed. It's hard to turn down someone who's asking such a simple thing..."Would you mind sharing your journey?" In truth I don't know any other way to do it.

Our church is considering some changes in the way Deacons and Elders are chosen and also giving them some new duties, accountability, and "term limits" of sorts. I think that's healthy. It also means I'll be rotating off the Deacon's roster at some point. Maybe not for a year or two, but eventually. That won't change much of anything. I'll still mow the grass, visit folks who are sick, and try to keep the church clean. I won't have to go to meetings...somehow I think I'll be okay with that.

Hearing that Elder elections were on the horizon, my dear friend Roy grabbed me by the arm...gently...this morning and said somewhat fearfully, "I've served in every capacity in church except being a minister and leading music...I don't want to be an Elder or Deacon again." Roy turned 70 last month. I told him that if he didn't want to serve as an Elder or Deacon I'm sure that would be fine, but I asked if he would mind still joining me in scrubbing toilets and mopping floors. He said, "Now THAT I'll gladly do." Roy and I are adding our names to the cleaning schedule for double duty. I enjoy his wisdom and stories. I want more time with him.

So many things pass by so fast.