Sunday, November 28, 2004

And Now A New Routine

Church is tough for me without Amy there.

Church is tough for Amy when she knows she isn't physically up to worshipping God as she is used to doing by leading singing.

We decided today to hold each other up. If she's physically able, she'll come to church to help me cope, even if she can't sing. She'll hold onto me until she's able to stand on her own.

A wise woman once told me, "sometimes when you least want to be in church is when you most need to be in church."

I married that woman.

Occasionally I have my wise moments too.

But now vacation is ending, my alarm rings in a few hours. My sleep schedule is all out of whack yet I feel this desire to spend an hour or two with my wife rather than writing.

I will add this addendum: we've evidently conned convinced a young friend to at least temporarily move into our rambling and mostly empty house when she moves back to San Antonio in January. That too simply feels like the right thing to do for everyone involved. She'll save a few shekels. It'll give Amy a little help so she doesn't feel quite so overwhelmed, and the arrangement will provide Amy with good spiritual company too.

Of course, we're all a bunch of introverts so we may not even notice each other.

I suppose the lesson in all this is that every once in a while to see straight, we have to lean…on each other.