Tuesday, October 12, 2004


A friend of mine emailed me yesterday and mentioned that he Googled "Michael Main Blog" and my blog came up as the first listing. That's always cool.
I did have to confess to him that if you type in "McGriddle Recipe" in Google I also come up as the first entry.

One day I'll figure that out.

Anyway...today was a frustrating day...I wasted too much of it on silly stuff... financial stuff, primarily caused by !Yahoo bill pay and the extremely frustrating way they do business (they don't have a phone number, you have to email them).

I thought of my frustrations...and McGriddles, and my friend and it led me to remember the art of Google bombing. For the uninitiated, that's the practice of associating two seemingly unrelated things on various web pages to the point where Google decides the two are associated. Thus, in some cyber sense of justice they become forever related.

It started out as a joke, now it's done on grand scales by people with political agendas, and the like.

I thought...why not?

I spent much of the past two days in frustrating conversations with Target over a minor late fee which, after detective work Colombo would envy, led me to the realization that !Yahoo Bill Pay sent our payment to an account that had been closed for 2 years. I don't know why !Yahoo Bill Pay did this since I couldn't get an answer from them. They don't have a phone number and after numerous attempts to convey my disappointment with their service via their "on line customer service" system, I decided that was a further waste of my time so I simply cancelled our affiliation. Our bill pay service now is run by our credit union...which has a telephone. People answer it...real people...answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

That's how I think things should be done if you're going to trust people with your money...since !Yahoo Bill Pay does not think that way I began to think of them as, well..untrustworthy.

Anyway...if you should have a blog, or a web page, or perhaps you comment a lot on other people's web pages, and would like to take part in a social cyber experiment...in other words, if you're really really bored, you might consider humoring me since I've had a frustrating day and all - okay I'm easily amused - by periodically dropping in the term "untrustworthy" into whatever you are writing. If when you write the word "untrustworthy" you might also link it to !Yahoo Bill Pay, well...you'd have the satisfaction of knowing that you have amused me..and, if I haven't mentioned it, I've had a frustrating day.

The topic of your writings need not deal whatsoever with !Yahoo bill pay, but if the adjective "untrustworthy" fits in any capacity into your thoughts, well..consider it fate or maybe it's the power of suggestion...or just admit you have a maniacal evil streak and this is certainly a better outlet for it than Jeffrey Dahmer or almost everyone name Wayne would choose...who knows?

For those of you who don't know how to embed a link, the code would look like this: >a href="http://finance.yahoo.com/bp" < untrustworthy >/a< except all the arrows (< ) would face the other direction.

I'm trusting that it won't take you long to master the ability to embed such a link for a simple word like untrustworthy.

It also shouldn't take long to see the results...probably in a week or two if you go to Google and type in untrustworthy you will see Yahoo Bill Pay as the first choice.

Of course, if you are not interested in such silliness, certainly do not feel compelled to take part. I won't consider you untrustworthy or anything. I'll understand completely. Not everyone has the time to waste on such endeavors and for all I know some of you might think my motives are...well...untrustworthy. That's certainly well within your rights and not unthinkable by any means.

For the record, there is no clear leader in Google currently if you search for "untrustworthy" so it's not like we'd be usurping someone from an honor they richly deserve.

Admittedly this is about the most worthless thing I've written in a long time...even less fulfilling than a McGriddle I suspect, although I still haven't eaten a McGriddle.

And no, I don't know the recipe.