Monday, October 11, 2004


You have been calling me out of the corner of my eye for days now, and I have been ignoring you. Today, since I'm off work and therefore not completely reliant on a working computer I decided to answer bow to your wishes, to admit I am at your mercy.

Yes, Microsoft...I am installing "Service Pack 2" for Windows XP as I write this...and lo though I type through the valley of the shadow of computer chaos, I shall fear some computer glitch that will render me helpless, computer-less...dare I say

But I have no will continue to beseech me, flashing a little message saying "new updates are ready to install" to a point of annoyance, until I give in...I know you and me too well. There is no sense in delaying the inevitable.

I have done my best to prepare. I have backed up my registry, created a system restore point, removed a program I have been warned might cause conflicts...and now I simply fall before you and say, "Proceed."

Will I be changed for the better? Will it be painless?

I know not.

Will I be spending the next 3 days undoing the damage caused by this one seemingly simple choice? This I don't know either.

It is a gamble. I am stepping out of the boat...having it hurts simply to give name to it, but it is so....I am trusting...Microsoft.

"God, please help me...I fear I know exactly what I do."