Sunday, October 10, 2004

Targeting Your Fortune

Today was a day of rest...after staying up too late, and getting up too early, I fell asleep this afternoon. I should have stayed that way...I was greeted by a "late payment" fee notice from Target Visa in email (G'morning!")

After checking with my on line bank account and my on line bill paying service I called Target to say the bill had been paid 4 days in advance of its due date. Their answer, "No it wasn't."

I asked how the money could be removed from account, how my on line bill paying service could record the bill as paid and yet they couldn't.

Target's reply, "You should have used OUR on line payment system or phone payment system."


I went back to check with banks and bill pays, and send emails. I called Target again and asked them to waive the 35 dollar late fee (is there a credit card company that is NOT a crook?) and was told by some kid who answered the phone they'd waive 17 dollars.

I asked how he arrived at that amount and he said...and this is the truth, "I put in your request and that's the number that came back."

I had this vision of some financial 8-ball that they shake...."How much should we waive oh Swami of the 8-ball?"

Instead of the usual response of "Outlook not so good" or "It is decidedly so" I got "$17."

I had to laugh. I felt like I was in the Wizard of Oz.

Anyway, I wasted the early evening on this non-sense...luckily I'm off work this next week, so I can spend hours and hours getting my fortune if I had a fortune.

I think instead of banks, bill payers, and eight balls I'll spend the rest of the night with my wife, and consider myself truly fortunate.