Thursday, October 21, 2004

Random Thoughts At 1:50 AM

As to Ginger Ale, the last time we flew the flight attendant told my oldest stepdaughter Tiffany that something like 40 percent of the soft drinks they sell are Ginger Ale, yet in grocery stores, convenience stores, etc..... Ginger Ale sales account for less than 10 percent of soft drink sales.

For some reason people drink Ginger Ale on airplanes.

Maybe it's to settle their stomachs.


I saw this picture in the Temple Daily Telegraph moments ago.

I occasionally am sent "songs" unsolicited from people who think I can actually get their songs on their radio. I don't know why.

This morning a Christian group called "" sent me this song.

Be warned it's least it seems really really long at 1:50 in the morning...if you're on dial up don't try it.

I'm not mocking their intent, I'm sure they have good hearts...I must admit I find it amusing at this hour when I'm half awake to think of Satan registering to vote though.
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Pull up a stool....buck tradition...order a Ginger Ale.

Tell everyone...but keep it clean. No one wants to visit a dirty lunch counter.