Tuesday, October 05, 2004

"Over Analyzing"

I mentioned I switched browsers to Firefox, which the more I use the more I love...there's this one niggling little thing that's been driving me nuts. It's something no one would notice but I've wasted about 30 minutes now and I'm stopping.

I added a different site meter (I know I don't believe in site meters) but I saw it on Katy's blog and thought it would be interesting to compare statistics from what my web server tells me with the hit counter I have had up as well as a third source. I don't remember why I thought that would be interesting, but I did it...that's how a lot of things are in my life...I sometimes forget the reasons I started doing them but once I've committed myself I don't look back...possibly out of fear of actually being committed.

For the record, they all give me three different numbers, but the new one from SiteTraffic.com does seem to provide more information, what use I have for that information I have no idea - by the way people still come here looking for McGriddle sandwich recipes - but all of this is really beside the point.

There is a point...sort of. When I set up the template for the blog all my little icons for various services I subscribed to for reasons I don't remember now all lined up neatly in the bottom right hand corner of the page. At least they do when you view the page in Firefox...but when you look at it in Internet Explorer now a couple are of out of kilter.

I'm certain this is only a matter of a tinkering to get it to look right in both browsers, I'm also certain no one on the planet gives a hoot about this besides me (although my friend Harlan who gives me badly needed grammar instructions - which make no mistake I do truly appreciate - might branch out to HTML one day).

So I tinkered...but now Blogger is suddenly refusing to let me update my template anyway, so I've wasted 30 45 minutes.

I have to change the template back, because I won't remember what I changed when Blogger does start working right again - I've learned a few things from past experience - so in essence this episode has been a complete waste of time.

To top it all off, not only have I wasted time doing this...I've also actually written about wasting time which I think is the literary equivalent to putting a mirror in front of a mirror...

I'm straining at gnats.

image swiped from www.moleskinerie.com

If Dr. Freud were here I'm certain he'd say, "Ju are joost over anal I zink."

Admittedly, that may gain something in the translation.