Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Lost & Found

It's one of those days to clear out the clutter in my blog fodder closet.

My friend, Harlan - who is getting too many mentions here lately - pointed me to Found Magazine some weeks back when I was fixated on all the stuff I was finding during my daily walks. It's a neat little site to peruse...I'm not sure what you call people into this type of thing...litter voyeurs?

I'd think I'd like it more if there were an area where you could make up stories around the stuff people find....might give a new meaning to the phrase "trashy novels." Litterature?

I found a story today about a guy running for President (don't worry I'm not going political again). Earl Dodge is running under the banner of the Prohibition party.

As you might suspect the Prohibition Party wants to gradually ban alcohol, up the drinking age, and increase penalties for drunk driving. The party platform also includes statements against "the homosexual agenda," pornography and gambling.

This, of course, got me wondering what other parties were out there that I was missing.

I imagine Prohibition Party members would prefer not to hobnob with folks from the Monster Raving Loony Party who seem rather intent on consuming alcohol and appear to be a bit less rigid.

The candidate running under the NeoWhig party banner though seems like he could form a coalition government with the Raving Loonies.

His campaign slogans include "Four More Beers" and one of his press releases accuses John Kerry of toilet papering his house.

There are numerous others...the Get Pushy Party...the Scorched Earth Party... they both seem rather nasty so I'm not putting up links to them. Some are pretty scary...many are very weird. Some hark back to days of old, like the Christian Falangist Party, which says it's "dedicated to fighting the "Forces of Darkness" which seeks to destroy our Western Christian Civilization." Their symbol is the Crusader's Cross.

I think though if I were going to write in a third party candidate I'd vote for the nominee from this party...once they admit who it is...