Thursday, October 14, 2004

Getting Discovered At Schwab's

I had a bizarre idea the other idea that was more bizarre than usual might be a better way to put it.

Anyway, I was reading Aelki's post about how recruiters are searching blogs to find talented people and I commented that it was sort of like the old Lana Turner legend where she was "discovered" while sitting at the soda fountain at Schwab's Pharmacy near Sunset and Vine. I jokingly said someone should start a "Schwab Blog" where folks could go to get discovered.

So I did.

I'm fairly certain this violates some of Blogger's rules, though I'm not sure why, but I decided to try to create something of an "open source" blog, where anyone could post. I've met a lot of folks who seem intrigued with the idea of blogging but don't want to actually do it...well, here's a chance to try it.

Perhaps you don't want the responsibility of having your own blog or maybe you're a one hit've got one good poem in you which you want to release but after that you're done, maybe you want to write anonymously and be certain there's no way what you write can be traced back to you...or perhaps you want to write great volumes of stuff in hopes of being "discovered", but you're too lazy to set up a blog.

Whatever the've now got a place. Pull up a stool and join the crowd at The Schwab Blog.

It's open to anyone who knows the user name and password, so here they are:



You simply have to go to "" and log in with that username and password.

You're welcome to pass them along. This may turn into a fun place with a bunch of interesting creative stuff on it....or it may sit empty...who knows? I've got this social engineering experiment thing going on lately.

Everything that's written there will be attributed to the "Schwab Writer" unless you sign your name, which you are certainly welcome to do...anonymity is not required. Really very little is required...I'm not going to make up a bunch of rules, nor do I plan to spend my days enforcing them, but I would say that the Schwab Blog won't allow profanity or porn. Everything else, political rants, poems, prayers, boring stuff about your life, pictures of your dog (I think you can post pictures, I'm not sure if blogspot allows that actually), whatever is okay...let's see what happens.

I will say that posts that are offensive will be deleted.

If you don't like that....go start your own blog, I think the name "Crude Blog" is still unclaimed, well...actually someone probably has claimed it, but I don't want to look to find out.

I really don't think that's going to be a problem...I'm hoping it's simply fun and will become another blog I check to see what interesting posts are there...if it should become something that has to be policed it'll go the way of the real Schwab's Pharmacy -

There is also the distinct possibility that Blogger will freak out...I don't really see the harm in trying this, but Blogger might. If so, it will give us an excuse to stomp around and scream about censorship. We'll have a cause and become brothers and sisters in lockstep fighting "the man." We can all wear berets and blame the Republicans or the Democrats or Ralph Nader.

Or we'll shrug and say, "Well so much for that idea...anyone wanna go get a soda?"