Thursday, October 28, 2004

Boast In Show

I often tell people at my office, "If we don't brag about ourselves, who's going to brag about us?"

Therefore I have to sheepishly mention that Ganns at Superblessed has named this blog "The Most Humorous Blog in the 2004 Superblessed Christian Blog Awards."

Considering I've spent much of the year whining I think that probably means there are a heckuvalot of grumpy Christians out there.

Honestly, thank you Ganns.

This blogosphere is a wondrous place and it's nice to know my feeble attempts at humor carry over seas even to the Philippines...I hope God's message is entwined within my humble offerings as's one of the many ways God seems to have shown me how to convey it.

I will donate the prize money to a worthy cause, as I did last year. Come to think of it Ganns you might want to run a tracer on last year's check....