Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Author

I've never been to a book signing before. I know there will never be one like today's again. It was intimate and heartfelt. There wasn't a crush of "fans" lining up at the door... but there was a throng of family sharing a major milestone with someone we all love.

Amy and I got there early and savored the time...we wore name tags reading "Evangelina" and "Pepe."

We were able to experience the laughter and the quiet.

There were a lot of good hugs...and an abundance of tasty tamales.

The crowd grew but the atmosphere didn't change, except when Gordon read one of his wondrous stories aloud.

Then the crowd grew quiet and I had to hold Amy close as she sobbed. It was a painful story with which we were too familiar.

I actually wrote about it once too, from my perspective and lacking Gordon's eloquence.

This is why I know there will never be another book signing like today's...because we shared tamales, and laughter. Pseudonyms and pain....and all of it was a celebration...of a man's achievements, and of God's many wonders.

One author signed our books today as another Author reminded us His story is etched upon our hearts.