Friday, October 22, 2004

At Least It's Not The Yankees

I'm not really a baseball fan, but I jumped on the Astro's bandwagon a couple of months ago after I became a "one minute sports anchor" in Waco. It was fun watching the team come back from a major slump this season. I couldn't watch all of last night's game but I saw enough to see how it would likely end.

Congratulations to the Cardinals.

My parents lived in St. Louis before I was born. Although he denies it, I always heard my brother Stan was named for Stan Musiel. In any case, I suppose I should have some loyalty to the Cards.

I lived in New York for many years and went to some Yankee games in the days of Mickey Mantle but I was a Mets fan after 1969.

In San Antonio we have the Spurs...our baseball team, The Missions, is double A...we're not fervent about them.

Boston versus St. Louis in the World Series.

I think I could be happy with either of those teams winning...I would have been happier if the Astros had made it though.

So it goes, we'll always have the Cowboys. least it's Friday.