Monday, September 27, 2004

Wayne's Wheels In Weird World

One of the things people mention to me during occasional conversations about the news business is that they want to hear how stories "ended up." In other words, follow ups on people who made headlines one day and then seemingly were never heard from again.

Reporters, and I'm no exception, are generally lazy. Those types of stories take more work than covering a fire, or a shooting. I think that's probably the reason you don't hear/see more stories of that nature. However, I did want to at least mention that David Koresh's Camaro did sell over the weekend, not for 60 thousand dollars, but for 37 thousand.

A car wash owner from San Antonio purchased it. The L.A. Times article I read had some delicious quotes

The new owner, "I'll bring it out for things like parades."

One potential buyer, "It's kind of sick, buying a car owned by Koresh. It's like buying a car owned by Hitler. When you think about who sat in the driver's seat, it's like Satan was there."

The seller's wife, "Oh, I'm just furious. He shouldn't have sold the car for so little. I'm about to walk home."

The buyer, "My wife isn't happy either."

Maybe she'll get over it in time to wave to the crowds during parades.