Monday, September 06, 2004

To Coin A Praise

There's a spot on the Internet that's been up for some time, called the Bill Gates Wealth Index. I'm not sure how updated it is these days, but the premise behind it is that Bill Gates is so rich if he saw X number of dollars laying on the ground it would not be worth it for him to stop to pick them up because he'd waste precious seconds. He'd make more money if he were to use those seconds working therefore it's more cost effective for him to step over the cash and get to work. The "too small a bill for Bill" index has jumped dramatically over the years. It's a cute idea.

I mention this only because almost every day when I'm out walking I see a penny or two on the street. I always stop and pick them up. Today I made 7 cents....that's about two and a third cents a mile. Unlike Bill Gates it doesn't cost me anything to pick up the coins...thank God my life is not that busy. If I were lucky enough to pick up 7 cents a day (although usually it's a penny or two at best), in a years time I could almost buy one share of Microsoft stock (today's closing price was roughly 27 dollars).

I have no shame in stopping to pick up a penny, I think at one time I did but I'm not certain as to why, I suppose I thought people might think I was cheap and I didn't want to risk being seen stooping over for something as insignificant as a penny. Presumably I thought I had a reputation to protect.

Today as I stooped over to snag a penny. I held it in my fingers for a moment. I rubbed it and thought about God.

How often have I stepped over His offerings? I know it's been far too frequent of an occurrence and sometimes for the same silly reason: I didn't want to risk being seen as someone in need.

Yet God has never ceased to place Himself before me...even when I had repeatedly passed Him by and ignored His value.

Today I didn't miss the gift of God's patience, purchased for a penny of my time, yet bought long ago with something far more precious.

I had to stop to thank Him for never being too busy to stoop over and lift me up...for seeing my value even when perhaps I have not.

God got His two cents worth in today...and more.