Tuesday, September 21, 2004

This Is The Day That Slipped Away

Ack! It's past 8:45...and I really have no topic to write about. There's no time even if I did.

I emailed a non-Christian friend tonight and used the word "churchianty" to describe how sometimes we fixate on church and lose sight of Christianity.

I never really defined churchianity for him, since I sort of made it up during the course of the email exchange, but I suspect it's related to insanity....a first cousin most likely. A cousin in violation of laws regarding inbreeding. It certainly trashes the tenets of true worship.

And I'm still thinking about that billboard. I'm hoping it's like one of those posters that were popular some years back which you had to stare at and sort of half cross your eyes before you saw the true picture.

I'm still staring.

I still don't see it though.

Anyway, I think what I meant by churchianty is that too often we get caught up in doing church to the exclusion of being the church.

In many ways it's not too different from certain forms of neurosis, when we examine our lives more than we live them.

There's a lot at stake.

Take note of this survey.

Oh well, I need to let this go for now.

When writing fails I mercifully have a fall back position...eyes closed, in bed...and snoring.