Thursday, September 09, 2004

A Spirited Discussion?

My body betrayed my attempts at getting back on an actual schedule today. I was hoping to come home from work, do a few chores (the carpet still stinks), take a brief nap...get back into a routine of walking and writing.

Instead I got home and fell asleep for 5 hours. I awoke to another list of stuff Amy forgot, a dash to the post office, a run on our bank account I couldn't understand, and general confusion. Besides the extra sleep, I am really as out of sorts as always. The chores aren't done and there's still a lingering smell of baby puke I'm trying to ignore. I did get my walk in. I'm not going to compromise on praying and walking...the rest is subject to negotiation I suppose.

There was the good news from the tax people at the state; I hope they'll be as quick to return our money as they were to take it. I also found out I got a small raise from one of the stations for which I work! That was a surprise. Not a total surprise, I went in to pitch an idea for extra compensation to the boss I never see last week (which believe me is out of character - I've worked for this company for nearly 20 years and I have had 2 discussions about pay raises) and he assured me he'd do something. He pretty much rejected what I pitched yet seemed open to other ideas although he gave every indication it would be a few weeks before a decision was made. I assumed it would probably be the next budget year before anything actually showed up on my paycheck. Today I was told the raise was effective immediately...for those of you keeping track at home of God's recent blessings on us, don't worry...even I've lost count now.

Having things not go according to schedule, is not necessarily a bad thing.

Yet I really had planned to spend some time tonight revisiting and writing about the "dream" post I touched on in July.

It was a goofy little post at the time, but my father in law's interpretation gave it an unexpected degree of depth and allowed me to further explore my thoughts and questions about the issue of baptism of the Holy Spirit. What it means to me, to others, how you know if you've received the Holy Spirit, etc. There are different viewpoints within my own family and church, and I'm anxious to hear others.

However when Amy went into the hospital in August my thoughts swirled elsewhere....and my writing was carried right along.

So I suppose I'll do what I try to avoid, commit to writing about a specific topic.
Tomorrow, barring exciting news that takes precedent like dive bombing birds, dog oddities, or the wonders of new odors, I'll let you in on my kinsman's dream interpretation and see if it provokes a dialog.

I sort of hope it does, but I won't to be surprised if things don't go as planned...I'm learning that can be even better.