Wednesday, September 08, 2004

San Antonio Water Torture

Well, I'm sitting on hold, thanks Sprint for letting me test the phone...still lovin' it and the free minutes by the way, trying to get through to the water company. By my estimation they are the only creditor that I have no record of paying. I can't find a bill, I can't find any place where we've made electronic payments, but I'm assuming they don't give us water for free, so I've decided to suffer through being on hold to talk to a human being. The "estimated" waiting time is 30 minutes which would be more tolerable if they didn't blare music at me the entire make matters worse it's music from one of the radio stations in my building...mercifully not one for which I work.

I suppose it's better than those annoying recorded reminders that come on every 90 seconds saying, "Your call is important to us, please continue to hold" but not much.

ARGHH... Some kid just answered, I said, "Hello", and he apparently couldn't hear me so he hung up....

Now the "estimated waiting time" is 25 minutes.

Speaking of torture (a word of warning, it's 2 Megs so if you are on dial up don't subject yourself to it) but my brother sent me this video today. He's been digitizing old family films. This is boring footage of me as a child, the only thing that makes it the slightest bit interesting is that I appear to be a child whose never been exposed to the sun before and my brother seems to think I was one month old when it was shot. I'm no expert on babies, but I don't believe one month olds are quite this active.

Of course, I was an exceptionally bright wasn't until later in life I became crazy enough to wait on hold for an hour to find out if I owe people money.