Friday, September 03, 2004

Oh My Aching Bank

I did it again...I made the mistake of sitting down with a bank statement in hand and Quicken in front of me.
Hours have passed...I still have not reconciled our bank account. There's something I'm not accounting for, of that much I'm certain. It's clear there's something I'm overlooking, but the two ultimate truths are: we're not broke at the moment, and I have spent far too much time on this today.

I let the afternoon slip away...I growled at Amy and my back is killing me.

It's quitting time. I'll worry about this....nah, I'm not gonna worry about it at all.

It's a holiday weekend but I'm pulling an extra shift tomorrow and working Monday. I think I'll savor a tiny fragment of Friday night, even if I have to do it curled up with a heating pad.