Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Major Or Minute?

I'm under the constraint of time to write tonight, I want to make it to church this's been too long since I've been able to sit with my church family and share a meal. That's what we do on Wednesday nights; nothing fancy...we eat and talk. Sometimes I merely listen....which allows me to eat more.

Since only minutes ago I returned from my afternoon walk, a shower has to be crammed into the schedule as well, otherwise I'll likely be eating alone...downwind. That means I have about 5 more minutes to write.

Time is on my mind tonight though, so it all fits.

My company provides me with a mobile phone, which is very nice and the monthly allocation of minutes the plan includes is usually far more than I require. However this month we rid ourselves of SBC and our land line phone. That came at the same time as Amy went into the hospital and I made innumerable calls to her as well as family members. Of course there were also the hours of enjoyment I spent on hold with various creditors listening to recordings that passed along advice like , "Press one for Spanish, press 2 for German, press 3 for the Mandarin dialect..... If you are attempting to pay a bill, press 9....if you are attempting to lose weight press the # sign 250-thousand times."

Anyway I realized last week that I was going to go over the minutes my company will pay for and so I've been conserving them rather greedily. Then out of the blue a public relations person from Sprint sent me an email.

One of the things I do for one of the radio stations I work with is a brief feature on gadgets, computer stuff, the Internet....etc. This P.R. guy really wanted me to see Sprint's newest phone, the Samsung MM-A700, so I could check out their new media player service, and built in camcorder.

Really...the phone has a camcorder. Of course, he wanted to overnight it to me and set me up with nationwide calling so I could play with it as much as I wanted. He insisted I have at least a months worth of all their services packaged with it. How could I refuse?

It really is a very nice phone.

I'd tell you more about it, but I don't have the time right now to write the details...the shower beckons.

I do have plenty of minutes though.

Coincidence or God's perfect timing once again?

You make the call.