Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Let Sleeping Men Snore

The medical flurry today was certainly not as big of a deal as we expected...and that was fine with me.

Amy and I have become so accustomed to medical chaos, that being in a medical office operating efficiently really made us both nervous. We kept asking if they were certain we were in the right place and that everything we thought was supposed to be done was going to be done. The staff looked at us like we were from Mars and explained everything that was planned (actually they did more than we anticipated).

The doctor came back to the recovery room looking dejected as he woefully told me he had found nothing abnormal. He then gave me pictures taken of various parts of Amy's interior. They're not suitable for framing, but with a little creativity they might be montaged into some interesting Christmas cards.

I wasn't sure how to react to the doctor's disappointment, I was tempted to make him feel better by saying something like, "Oh well, maybe next time you'll find a tumor," but Amy was coming out of the anesthesia so I resisted. In truth I'm sure the doctor was hoping to find the source of Amy's long term pain but we knew going in that wasn't going to happen. These tests were simply to confirm what all the other tests had shown; the source of her pain is not something obvious.

The main thing is the frustrating feeding tube has been replaced by a button system which I think is going to be much easier on Amy physically and mentally. Additionally she didn't get put back in the hospital so I was able to comfort her as soon as we were out the door with some Reese's Pieces and a diet Pepsi.

No hospital also means the acupuncture option is still in the mix.

There was a lot of waiting time, but the actual procedure only took about 30 minutes. I passed the time doing crosswords until I was allowed into the recovery room. Then I waited for Amy to wake up while listening to the melodious tones of the guy parked on the gurney next to her. He snored...loudly.

They should search people like me for recording devices....I'm too easily amused.